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The function also called Party Planner Event Planner is the process of organization, design, planning and production of all kinds of social, corporate events such as: Weddings, Birthday Parties, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Congresses, Festivals, Ceremonies of Opening, product launches, etc.

Dalilas Gourmet offers the completely free services party planner as an added value aa all clients that hire our services. The success of each event is accompanied by good planning which includes the following passage:

Steps To Planning Events


Development of the idea if as a whole before the start of the meeting and whose main objective is to prepare the resources and equipment that make up the event arrangements. Clear of what you want and need to carry out the event definition.


  If there is no place for celebration, place locally to suit the budget and requirements defined in production.


Provision of equipment and technical, human and material resources to be used in the place where the event will take place.


Phase in which event participants gathered in the same place planned activities are being developed.


Order of equipment for removal of materials and elements that were used in the event.

Evaluation of results

Moment in which the degree of compliance with established objectives and efficiency of the services is established. The evaluation of results is one of the most important post-event parties. Knowing whether they have met at least the objectives and performance produced with them. 


Compilation of all actions performed in the event. Follow that help the evaluation. At this stage the graphic documentation of it will be included; photographs, video montages, newspaper ads, etc.

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