Catering Services

Complete Catering Solutions for Any Event

Planning a social or corporate event in Miami without any catering services is like eating a bland food. A good catering service not only serves a good food, it makes it look so attractive that guests cannot go without tasting it.

Dalilas Gourmet is one of the leading catering services in Miami offering complete catering solution with exotic cuisines from around the world to make your event a success. We provide catering services for various events – wedding, bridal shower, bar mitzvah, graduation celebration, birthday parties or a corporate awards dinner and many more.

Innovative Luxury Catering

Dalilas Gourmet is a modern, creative and specialist catering services in Miami with gourmet cuisines that combine innovation with taste. Our rice dishes made from Spanish paella are the popular choices. We combine the Venezuela, Colombian and Cubano cuisines to provide you with a splendid menu that captivates you on first sight. With years of experience in catering business, we have developed a menu that caters to your every need.

Our complete range of special gourmet cuisine includes:

  • Paella, Rice & Asopados
  • Pasta Buffet
  • Wedding Buffet
  • Tapas and Stations
  • Cakes and deserts

Excellent Catering Services

We provide complete catering services in Miami with staff that is highly organized and trained to handle party of any size – from small to bigger. We are passionate about food serving and that reflects on our dishes and catering services. We can either prepare food at your chosen premises or bring the ready-made food ready to be served at your orders. Either way, your guests will enjoy a gourmet taste.

Food Quality and Safety

For us, your safety is paramount and that’s why all are staffs are trained in food production and safety methods. We take utmost care in whatever we do – from preparing food to serving the guests.

No matter what kind or size event you are holding, you can always rely on our highly efficient catering services in Miami.


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