Cakes for Special Events (Corporate, Anniversary Date)

Balcacer: Vanilla cake filled with fresh sliced peaches, sliced almonds, and dulce de leche. Covered with whip topping and coconut shavings

Chocolate Mousse: Rich chocolate devil’s food cake, filled with creamy chocolate mousse and semi-covered with chocolate ganache

Red Velvet: Bright red cake inside with a cream cheese buttercream filling, covered with vanilla buttercream and bright red cake crums

BonBon Cake: Rich chocolate devil’s food cake, filled with a rich chocolate fudge filling. Covered with whip topping, and completly covered in chocolate ganache

Rum Cake: Vanilla cake flavored with Bacardi Rum, covered vanilla buttercream

Dulce de Leche Cake: Vanilla cake with dulce de leche filling, covered with dulce de leche whip topping and trimed with dulce de leche

San Marcos Cake: Half vanilla, and half chocolate cake, filled with vanilla custardtopped with a mango filling, and covered in whip topping and trimmed in fudge

Opera Cake: Layers of vanilla and chocolate sponge cake filled with a layer of chocolate mousse and a layer of mocha whip filling, covered with chocolate ganache

Hazelnut Almond Praline: Layers of vanilla sponge cake, filled with dulce de leche whip topping, sliced almonds, hazelnut filling, covered with whip topping and dulce de leche

Chocolate Nut: Two layers of rich devil’s food chocolate cake, filled with chocolate buttercream and mixed nuts, covered with chocolate ganache

Tiramisu: A three layer coffee soaked cake, filled with whip topping and topped with powder cocoa.


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